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Past GNFA Booklet with Examples of Advertisements from Gala 2018

"Have you ever thought of putting an advertisement for your business to cater to the DMV larger community? Now is the perfect time, to reach thousands and all the while helping to fundraise for GNFA! GNFA team can help design and format your message just reach out to them.


If you do not own a business, but would like to give your best wishes to GNFA, please consider writing a heartfelt message and submitting it in the email below. They will design and format the message for you.


If you want us to use your recent past advertisement, let us know, we could look it up.


Please don't think twice, act now,  and submit your advertisement at and put 'Gala AD' in subject line.

Screenshot_20220910-163202_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
Screenshot_20220909-075728_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
Screenshot_20220909-075618_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
Screenshot_20220909-075720_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
Screenshot_20220909-075628_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
Screenshot_20220909-075642_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
Screenshot_20220909-075652_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
Screenshot_20220909-075708_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
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