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GNFA Sikh Affairs Committee (SAC)  Guidelines and Rules for Youth Video Contest


1. Open to the youth (Group 1 is aged 10-14 and Group 2 is aged 15-19 as of 05-01-2023)


2. You are encouraged to use your phone or camera to make a video to be shown at a public event in June.  You can make a video on any one of these:




i) The Sikh person who has impressed you the most.


ii) Your ideal Gurdwara.


iii) An incident or story that has affected you as a Sikh.


3. The video must be the original product of the participant and cannot be a copy.  No professional assistance is permitted.


4. You can also participate as a group of 2 or 3 participants; if you do so then the oldest in the group will determine which group you are allocated to.


5. Only one video can be submitted per individual/per team.


6. The video length has to be a minimum of 3 minutes but cannot be longer than 5 minutes.  The video can be only in MP4 or AVI format.  


7. The credits, title page, the subject, and names of all participants must be recorded and be a part of the video, but they will not be counted in length of video.


8. All videos have to be submitted by midnight June 17, 2023.


9. Committee members of SAC cannot be involved or be a part of the video.


10. Judging will be by members of the SAC of the GNFA. Their decision will be final. Judgement will be based on reviewing for the content, editing, subject matter and clarity.


11. By participating in this competition, all participants give permission for SAC to show the video in a public setting or use it for promotion of GNFA.


12. Participants can use pictures and video clips from other sources, but all such sources should be clearly acknowledged.  Usage of copyrighted material is prohibited (unless you are the owner of the copyright).


13. First prize in each age category is $200. Second prize in each age category is $100. All participants will receive a gift prize.


For any further information and questions please email:

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