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GNFA's Constitution and By-Laws establish that the institution is governed by the GNFA membership, called the General Body.  The General Body elects the Board of Trustees to manage the overall operations of the organization.  A Chairperson, selected by the Board, presides over the Board of Trustees.  The Board also appoints members to serve on the sixteen GNFA Committees that are responsible for specific parts of GNFA operations. 

To join the General Body, an individual must become a member of the GNFA.  To become a member of the Board of Trustees, a member must first serve on a Committee and then be elected by the General Body.  Information on eligibility requirements and elections are found in the By-Laws.  To serve on a Committee, indicate your interest to a current member of the Board of Trustees or the Coordinator of the Committee you wish to join.   There is no membership requirement to attend religious services or to participate in other social and cultural activities organized by GNFA. 


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