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Istri Satsang

The Istri Satsang was started by a handful of ladies in 1989.  The main purpose of this program was to help our elderly ladies of the community to get out of their homes at least once during the week to meet with others in a congenial atmosphere.  This program also became a stage for those of us who wanted to learn and recite shabad kirtan.  Langar is served after Shabad Kirtan and Ardaas.  Solely women conduct these functions, but other Kirtini Jathas are invited to participate, including our resident Ragi Jatha. 

We are very grateful to GNFA for always giving the Istri Satsang its support and help.   

- Satwant K. Tulsi, Rajwant K. Basi, Jagjeet K. Sidhu,

Manjeet K. Reddick, Kanti Singh, and Satwinder K. Sidhu

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