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GNFA membership enables individuals to have a voice in the governance of the Gurdwara, as it allows them to serve committees, become a member of the Board of Trustees, and vote for new members of the Board.  In addition, membership allows individuals to contribute to GNFA and help the Gurdwara pay for its operating expenses, including its weekly diwans, health care clinics, and Khalsa School classes. 


Article I of the GNFA By-Laws sets forth membership eligibility requirements, the application process, membership types (i.e., Senior, Life Member, Member, Youth), and membership dues.  Please note that membership dues are subject to change, within the limits prescribed by the By-Laws and pending approval by the Board of Trustees. 

Due to the unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19, and to maximize the sangat's safety, the Board has authorized membership applications (to become member) to be completed online for 2023 only.  To become a member, please complete the online membership form or download the form, and send it to GNFA for processing.  If completing the online application, please refer to these step-by-step instructions

The Membership Committee will review each piece of information for final approval upon receiving your submission. You may be asked to provide additional information in person at the treasurer's desk to fulfill the Bylaws requirements. Please reach out directly to the coordinator of the Membership Committee via email for further information and to complete your submissions. Additionally, feel free to contact the membership coordinator if you are interested in serving on the GNFA board, management, or any other committee.

Renew Your Membership or Become a New Member

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